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Xbox360 Guides

First, let’s start with the basics of how to make it easier to install our games by getting

1- start with this video below is the first step 

The Aurora Dashboard is the latest and most currently supported custom Dashboard for hardmodded Xbox 360 consoles. This tutorial will cover how to download and install Aurora for any first time users, as well as a rundown of some basic functionality. Along the way this video will also include XeXMenu and DashLaunch installations, in order to copy over the initial files and configure Aurora to be the console’s default Dashboard. Having a custom Dashboard is an absolute must have item for any JTAG or RGH owner, as some of the awesome added features include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Awesome & Customized Coverflow
  • Discless Game Launching
  • FTP Support
  • Game Install Functionality
  • Homebrew Launching
  • LiNK LAN Tunneling Integration
  • Plugin System
  • Skin & Theme Customization
  • Title Update Downloading




0:00 – Intro
1:32 – USB Drive Formatting
2:23 – Software Downloads
6:29 – Transferring to Xbox
9:27 – DashLaunch Setup
11:24 – Aurora Setup
16:33 – Game Installations
19:37 – Title Update 

Start with this video

Here is the Links for the Tools been used




Some Games will need to be online or to Use LINK like OPS 3

you will need to follow the Guide Below

2- Create Content folder for XBLA Games and DLCs

This guide will show you how to inject Demos, Arcade Games, APPs, DLCs

Skip step 1 if you have already hard disk setup for the xbox and you already using it

1.Configure your 1gb+ usb drive for xbox 360 use if not already configured. If you want to skip some steps copy a gamer picture or theme to the usb so it creates the folders.

Insanenutter has created a tutorial for configuring a usb drive.
How to configure a USB memory stick to be used as Xbox 360 storage (Saves & Profiles)

.Download usbxtaf here.With the usb drive connected, open the program.

.Select file > open first usb drive


3a.If you have the content and zeros folder you can skip to #6.

.Right click on the data partition and select new folder.Type in Content and press ok.

.Select the content folder and create a folder named 0000000000000000

6.Select the 0000000000000000 folder.Right click in the right side of the program then select inject folder.Select the extracted folder of the demo, arcade game,app,ect.

Usually the right folder to inject is

Game folder

Full path: content>0000000000000000>Game folder>folder

7.It may appear the program is frozen or crashed that is normal.This is what it looks like when the demo,app,arcade game is injected properly.When it is unfrozen you can close the program and safely remove the drive.


Party Buffalo Drive Explorer (Latest version) Download

To use, connect your drive (if using a drive), press File>Open>Open Drive Selector>Select your drive. If you’re not using a drive, load your file by going to File>Open>Open Dump.

Features so far…

  • Backing up of drive
  • Extracting files
  • Reading files
  • Reading backups/files that are a single FATX partition (such as the xlaunch.fdf file found in devkats)
  • USB support added 1/13/2010
  • Backing up security sector
  • STFS implimentation (so you can see the game name/file name of an STFS package
  • Undelition


Future updates…

  • Adding support for memory units
  • Writing to individual sectors/clusters
  • Reading form individual sectors/clusters
  • Anything else that people would want
  • Package creation

3- What is XM360?

It lets you see your content, and manage it, content that it is aware of is:
XBLA, DLC, Title Updates, and Game Saves.

  • It allows you to unlock XBLA and DLC.
  • It allows you to sort XBLA by title, release date, rating, etc.
  • It allows you to launch XBLA titles
  • It allows you to “backup” TUs to a separate directory that isn’t subject to wiping by the 360.
  • It allows you to delete content.
  • It will produce “reports” of what content you have and what you are “missing.”
  • It is an ftp server.
  • It will sync the time on your 360 from the internet.
  • It will show you various temperatures of your 360.
  • It knows how to connect to other 360s running xm360 to transfer content between them.
  • It knows how to connect to a PC running xm360 to transfer content between the PC and the 360 (in a fashion that doesn’t force you to understand the silly 360 filenames).

start at 1:40

Download XM360 2.0d
Download Horizon Ver.

4- Download Games

Most our games are in Google Drive which not everyone how to download without effecting the download limits please follow this Guide below.

Password for xbox360 Games



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